Awards and Certifications

Achievements, Acknowledgements and the challenge
to do more

For us, the search for excellence is an endless journey. Every level reached is the basis that challenges us to go further. From the international quality and safety standards we adopted in our factories, attested with important certifications, to our social and environmental, safety and people management practices, we work to build Libbs increasingly better and more prepared to do what we proposed ourselves to do: Taking care of life. The acknowledgements we obtain show that we are leading a good path. More than that, they strengthen our enthusiasm and determination to continue evolving.


Great Place to Work


Pelo segundo ano consecutivo, fomos certificados pela Great Place to Work (GPTW) como uma ótima empresa para se trabalhar. A partir de uma pesquisa aplicada aos nossos colaboradores, alcançamos 83% de aprovação do nosso ambiente de trabalho e práticas de pessoas, uma conquista que nos encheu, mais uma vez, de orgulho!

GMP – Good Manufacturing Practices

Granted by the National Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa) to all our productive units, the certificate attests that our quality and safety standards meet the requirements of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) set forth by the Brazilian regulatory agency. .

EMA – European Medicines Agency

Granted by the German Regulatory Agency (BWG) for our hormone production line, this certificate attests that we act according to the European Standards for GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) and authorizes us to export them to the entire European community. We were the first Brazilian laboratory authorized to export medications to European Union.

CEP – Certificate of Suitability to the European Pharmacopeia Monographs

We have the Certificate of Suitability to the Monographs of the European Pharmacopoeia (CEP) for three of our active pharmaceutical ingredients: Gestodene (2010), Desogestrel (2011) and Tibolone (2012). This means that the active pharmaceutical ingredients produced comply with the specifications and methods described in their respective pharmacopoeia monographs, thus being authorized to be exported to all countries in the European Union.


This Anvisa certification to our Pharmaceutical Equivalence Center (EQFAR) attests our license to conduct studies of pharmaceutical equivalence and dissolution profile. These studies aim to compare different products (a similar or generic medication produced by Libbs versus the reference medication of the market). They can also be applied in cases of changes in the process of the medication manufacturing.

ISO 14001

This certification attests the quality and reliability of our Environmental Management System and translates our commitment to the environment and sustainable development.

Awards and Acknowledgements


Valor Carreira 2017

For the second consecutive year, we are listed in the annual ranking of "The Best Companies in People Management" of the newspaper Valor Econômico. The publication awards the 35 companies with the best Human Resources practices in Brazil and it counts seven different categories

Anuário Época Negócios 360º

In our third participation, we have achieved the 2nd position among the pharmaceutical industries. In the overall ranking, we ranked 10th among 300 companies in all sectors. In our segment, we have reached the first place in Corporate Governance and Human Resources Practices.

Boomerang Award for Training and Development Recruitment and Selection, from Sindusfarma

We were recognized with six trophies by the Union of Pharmaceutical Products Industry in the State of São Paulo (Sindusfarma) in two different prize categories of human resources of the entity.  

Honorable mention to Libbs from its water reuse project

We have received an honorable mention in the 12th edition of  Prêmio FIESP de Conservação de Água (Water Conservation Award), in the medium and large companies category. This prize is due to the water reuse project, launched last year and supported by 11 departments. The project allows savings near 27,000 liters/day, approximately 189,000 liters per week.

Top companies for salaries and benefits in São Paulo

We have reached 6th place in the ranking of companies that offer the best salaries and benefits in the municipality of São Paulo. The list was prepared by the portal Love Mondays, which has interviewed over 55,000 professionals from different sectors and headquartered within the city.

The top 20 companies which promote professional growth in São Paulo

We have debuted in this ranking in 14th place among the companies that better support the professional growth of their employees in São Paulo, according to survey conducted by the platform Love Mondays and published by Exame Magazine.


Época NEGÓCIOS 360º Yearbook

For the second consecutive time we have won the 1st place among the pharmaceutical companies. In the general ranking we occupy the 11th place among the companies from other markets. In our segment we have stood out in five attributes analyzed: first place in Corporate Governance, second place in Human Resources Practices, third place in Ability to Innovate, fourth place in Future vision and fifth place in Social and Environmental Responsibility.

The Best Ones in People Management, according to yearbook Valor Carreira, from newspaper Valor Econômico

We debuted in this ranking at 3rd place in our category, ranging from 1,501 to 3,000 employees. The publication awards the first 35 companies with the best practices of Human Resources in the Country, distributed into seven categories.

ISPE Brazil 2016

We were awarded, for the second consecutive year, as the Industry of the Year by International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering (ISPE). The entity recognizes member companies that most actively took part and most committed with their activities. In 2016, we actively participated in events, meetings and working groups with the Society, as speakers as well.


Época NEGÓCIOS 360º Yearbook

We got the 1 st place among pharmaceutical industries and 9 th place in the general ranking among all companies evaluated. In our sector, we also got 1 st place in the dimensions “Vision for the Future” and “Corporative Governance” (in this dimension, we got 2 nd place among all the 250 companies listed in the ranking).

Prêmio Bumerangue of Training and Development, Recruiting and Selection, by the Pharmaceutical Products Industry Union of São Paulo (Sindusfarma)

We won in the categories “Training and Corporative Development – Methodology” and “Recruitment and Selection – Quality in including Disabled People”.

Caio Award granted by Eventos Expo Editora:

We won the Silver Alligator Award (2nd best) in the Events Held Abroad category, with the case of the 4rth National Convention of Sales held in Mexico.

ISPE Awards 2015

We were recognized as the Industry of the Year by the International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering (ISPE). ISPE Awards were created in 2009 and recognize the associated companies that were more participative and more involved in the relevant activities. In 2015 we actively participated in ISPE trainings and study groups, thus contributing for the development of life sciences industries in Brazil.


Award of Excellence in Health Management and Work Safety, granted by Sindusfarma

We won in the category “Operational and Industrial” and received an Honorable Mention.

Award for companies that had better communicate with journalists, granted by the magazine Negócios da Comunicação

We made it to the ranking of companies known for having a good relationship with the press, reaching an outstanding position among pharmaceutical companies.

Época NEGÓCIOS 360º Yearbook

We debuted in this ranking in 49 th place in the general classification among companies of all sectors and 4 th place among national and multinational pharmaceutical companies. We stood out in the dimensions of “Corporative Governance” (1 st place) and “Finances” (3 rd place).


Award of Excellence in Health Management and Work Safety, granted by Sindusfarma

We were acknowledged with five awards – 1 st place and honorable mention in the category “Operational and Industrial” for Health Management and Work Safety; 1 st place in the category “Administrative/ Business”; 1 st place and Honorable Mention in the category “Health Project and Work Safety”.

Hay Group

We received an Honorable Mention for being part of the Best Companies for Leadership 2013, a ranking that shows the companies that had better combine ability to innovate with focus on operational excellence, concept known in the market as Ambidextrous Management.


Prêmio Empresário Amigo do Esporte 2012

We received this acknowledgement from the Ministry of Sport for our support to the Citizen Sport Project, of the Department of Sport and Recreation of the City of Embu das Artes.

Prêmio Bumerangue of Training and Development, Recruiting and Selection, granted by Sindusfarma

We received this acknowledgement with the case “Escola GD Libbs”, project we created to promote the professional development of employees, preparing them for exercising management activities by the daily life of a district manager.

Award of Excellence in Health Management and Work Safety, granted by Sindusfarma

We got the 1 st place in the category “Administrative” and Honorable Mention in the “Operational” category.


Abifina - 25 years of service in Brazil

Our company was honored in the event celebrating the 25 years of the Brazilian Association of Fine Chemicals, Biotechnology and Specialty Industries (Abifina), entity in which we participate and which our founder, Alcebíades de Mendonça Athayde, helped creating.

Prêmio Bumerangue of Training and Development, Recruiting and Selection, granted by Sindusfarma

We won with the case “GD Brasil”, internal recruitment action that aim to identify profiles of high potential and develop a team of sales representatives.

Award of Excellence in Health Management and Work Safety, granted by Sindusfarma

Our Integrated System of Health and Work Safety was considered the best among the pharmaceutical companies nominated for the same category.


Award of Excellence in Health Management and Work Safety, granted by Sindusfarma

We were among the winners of the award acknowledging associated companies that most excel in complying with the Health and Work Safety legislation.


Cândido Fontoura Medal of Pharmaceutical Industrial Merit granted by Sindusfarma

The honor was granted to our founder and then-Chairman, Alcebíades de Mendonça Athayde, acknowledging his contribution for the development of the pharmaceutical sector.


Alanac 25 Years

Alcebíades de Mendonça Athayde, our founder and then-Chairman, was honored in the event celebrating 25 years of the National Pharmaceutical Laboratories Association (Alanac).