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Libbs is interested in establishing partnerships with Brazilian and multinational companies for in-licensing and co-marketing of patented products to be distributed in the domestic market. The company also evaluates business opportunities involving the joint development of products in late phase research.

If your commercial projects have this profile, please contact the Business Development area:

Contact Department of Business Development
Tel .: + 55 11 3879 2500

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Because of our purpose that is help people achieve a fulfilled life and because we believe that our cohesion depends on the sharing of values, we have a Sponsorship Policy focused on supporting social, cultural and educational projects focused on health and quality of life, always connected to the overcoming of limits.

We are also developing the project Tempo é Saúde, which aims to offer a more welcoming, inclusive and agile health system in the Health Basic Units of the city of Embu das Artes, 25 km from São Paulo, where the head office of our industrial park is located.

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Libbs is a pharmaceutical company; various medications in various dosage forms, including tablets, capsules, creams, ointments, powders, nasal sprays and syrups, are part of its portfolio of products for the following specialties: cardiovascular, central nervous system, gynecology, respiratory, oncology, dermatology, urology and gastroenterology.

Libbs Farmoquímica industry is a drug, or active pharmaceutical ingredients. Libbs Farmoquímica produces most of the raw materials used by Libbs. The pharmaceutical chemistry unit is an independent business and also sells its products to other companies in Brazil and worldwide. To learn more about Libbs Farmoquímica and which inputs produced by this business unit, visit the institutional area Libbs site.

The brand Libbs name comes from the Brazilian Industrial Laboratory of Biology and Synthesis – Libbs. In 1991, the company elected to adopt the Libbs brand in all your communication.

We do not have a discount program/ campaign for our medications. However, we know that drugstores can offer their own discounts that vary according to their policies.

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Our brand originated in the name of the Laboratório Industrial Brasileiro de Biologia e Síntese – Libbs [Brazilian Industrial Laboratory of Biology and Synthesis]. In 1991, we chose to use the brand Libbs in all communications.

Barra Funda Unit (Administrative Head Office)
Rua Josef Kryss 250
01140 050 São Paulo SP Brazil
Phone: 55 11 3879 2500

Galenic Unit
Rua Alberto Correia Francfort 88
06807 461 Embu das Artes SP Brazil
Phone: 55 11 2109 2500

Pharmaco Unit
Av. Dona Cesária Camargo de Oliveira 633
06807 320 Embu das Artes SP Brazil
Phone: 55 11 2168 8950

Embu Logistics Center
Rua José Semião Rodrigues Agostinho 1370
06833 300 Embu das Artes SP Brazil
Phone: 55 11 2109 2500


We do not make direct sales to the consumer. Our products can be purchased in pharmacies and drugstores.

Donations of medications are only provided to our employees upon medical prescription.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions about our products, contact the Customer Service through the form available at Talk to Us or contact us free of charge at 0800 0135044.

In order to submit report on any reaction or adverse event occurred during the treatment with one of our products, you can contact our Customer Service, via Talk to Us (link), phone number 0800 0135044, or email The Customer Service will handle your report and send it to our Pharmacovigilance department, which is responsible for identifying, registering and assessing what occurs with patients during the use of our products and, when necessary, the team can contact you to request additional information.


What is an adverse reaction?
It is any harmful or unwanted, non-intentional response to a medication or cosmetic, which occurs in doses frequently used in the human being for prevention, diagnosis, disease treatment or for the modification of physiological functions.

What is an adverse event?
Any unfavorable situation that occurs during the use of a medication or cosmetic, but that is not necessarily related with the treatment in a direct form.

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