Taking care of the employee and care for his/her well-being is a primary commitment of the company. It is in name of the employee that we adopt the Human Resources policies that go beyond what the Brazilian legislation determines.

Among other initiatives, we conduct health and safety risks mapping, we observe the best market practices and adapt them to our reality, we offer trainings and clarify the role of each employee regarding their own health and safety and the safety of their coworkers.

In addition to the services that are traditionally offered by companies – such as medical and dental care, private pension and allowances for transport, meal and food -, our Benefit Program is structured to meet the specific requirements of each employee and their families. An example is the Pharmaceutical Assistance Program, which enables the purchase of medication with special commercial conditions. In addition, we provide them, free of charge, with medications we produce. The health benefits are extended to children and spouse (regardless of their sexual orientation).

Quality of life and productivity are two elements we combine through practices such as flexible hours in the administrative areas and home office policy, which enables the employee perform activities outside the company in up to two days in a week. We also count on a labor gymnastics program and an ergonomics team orienting our professionals both in the company work environment and in the necessary adaptations in their house for home office activities.