We welcome and encourage diversity, because we believe that it enriches our experience and, consequently, helps us make our work even better.

Our internal policies are ruled by the inclusion and offer of equal work conditions to all employees.

According to the Best Companies for Leadership survey, conducted by the consulting company Hay Group together with 100 companies acting in the Brazilian market, we are above the average of the 10 best companies in the diversity aspect.

A study conducted by PricewaterhouseCoopers analyzing companies of all activity sectors also ranked us on a higher place to the market: 44% of our staff is comprised of women, and Y generation representatives (people born after the ’80s) answer for 44.5%.

We also cultivate diversity through the Efficient Inclusion Program, which has earned recognition in the market. Since it was created in 2006, we count on disabled people acting in different areas. They are highly compromised employees, who do their best, develop themselves, grow professionally and personally and teach us things that contribute to our growth.