Talent Development

The care for the development of our employees already starts on their first day at the company and is extended through time.

We welcome new employees with activities from our Integration Program, which includes essential experiences and information so that they are soon inserted in the context of our company and they can initiate their activities. After this first day, we continue the integration process in a personalized way, with trainings on specific subjects for the exercise of their functions.

It is the starting point of a path whose evolution will combine the commitment of the employee with his/her own development and support from his/her manager for follow-up and direction.

With our training policy, we encourage our employees to search for professional improvement. In addition to trainings in the company or in partner institutions, we count on the Libbs Knowledge Program [Programa Saber Libbs], which subsides part of the cost with graduation, post-graduation, specializations, MBAs and language courses.

Here, company and people grow together: in the last year, we moved more than 25% of our professionals through promotions, transfers or salary adjustments. For this reason, our company is known as a “house of opportunities”.